Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kyle make a mess? No way.

I always talk about how I have to put up with Brittney's little messes all the time but I was informed that I am guilty myself. Brittney took these photos for your viewing pleasure.Some of my golf ball collection in the garage. It is sweet, I've got almost any ball you can think of.A few golf clubs on the mantle, My old Walter Hagen mashie 5 iron with wood shaft, 24 K gold putter, and a new callaway big bertha fusion fairway wood waiting to be sold on ebay.

Callaway big bertha fusion ft-3 driver and TaylorMade r7 425 driver boxed and ready to be shipped out.

It was too dark to get a picture of the lawn with about 30-40 golf balls laying around. It is my practice facility, I have to work on my short game. I have only hit the neighbors house a few times trying to get it between a gap between two houses, no damage done and no one was home, lucky me. I much better now, I can clear the gap no problem now.

I have a five day weekend ahead of me, no work until next Wednesday. I may go down and ride the bump and grind race course at oak mountain while Brittney and Ella play at the lake.

I take part 1 of the national board exams on August 1st and 2nd, so I am starting to hit the books hard. It is like the super final, everything I have learned so far in optometry school I need to know for this exam. It cost $625 to take the test so I hope I pass the first time. The national passage rate is anywhere from 55%-70% depending on the year. It is only given 2 times a year.

Monday, June 26, 2006

There are two types of golfers.....

. . . Those who buckle under pressure and those who don't.

Today was the day I was going to break 80, and what did I shoot? 80. A double bogey on the final hole, a 501 yard par 5, did me in. I buckled.

I was playing from the blue (back) tee boxes. The first 9 holes I hit par every hole except for 1 bogey. The back nine I could not par a hole to save my life--all bogeys except for 1 birdie and a double on 18. I guess it gives me a reason to keep golfing, maybe next week.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sweet swinging Ella

Ella is quite the golfer for 2.5 year old. I made her a driver out of a broken fairway wood that I got from my friend Todd. It is pretty sweet.
Here is Ella's destructive side at work.

On Friday I was at a health clinic doing eye exams and a fight broke out in the waiting room. Two black women went at it and the onsite policeman had to break it up. I am not sure what it was about but they were going at it for a few minutes before it was broken up, everyone in the waiting room just watched like a Tyson fight and did not try to break it up. When all was said and done there were locks of hair on the ground, the waiting room chairs were in dismay and kids were screaming.

Brittney and I went to an asian grill and Brittney made me eat some raw tuna junk. It was cold and slimy, on the other hand my sweet and sour chicken was good.

I am going to break 80 tommorrow, it is time and I can feel it.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

big spider

I found this huge spider on my front door step today.

One of my patients today self enucleated one of his eyes 3 years ago. (dug his own eye out) The socket looked good. He was non-verbal so the exam was a little interesting. His good eye was very near sighted so he could only see a couple of inches in front of his face. We hooked him up with some glasses, which he has never had so his life should be much better. He will be able to see the tv at least.

Local B'ham news updates:

B'ham murder rate hit 50 today.

Birmingham is one of the fastest shrinking cities in the country, surrounding cities growing very fast.

It was a scortching 100 degrees today.

Brittney finally moved her bag.... three feet into the laundry room. It is a start.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Waiting.... The Creative Tornado

Brittney has been home from girls camp for almost a week and I have been waiting for her to clean up her bag. It has sat in the kitchen and not moved, I am now wondering if it ever will.

I live with a tornado, a creative tornado she likes to be called and it is not Ella. (Ella is creative tornado in training) Brit makes messes (not dirty just clutter) like a tornado and cleans them up like a tornado. I am the kind of guy that cleans up as I go so I never have to set aside time to clean up. Brit on the other hand makes a huge mess and it takes a long time to clean it up. I just don't understand this concept. I tell her about this thing called PC (preventative cleanliness) it is cleaning up as you go and preventing the mess in the first place but she doesn't dig it and usually gets mad at me for bringing it up. Preventative cleanliness is the way to go though.

Brit's Corner:

Don't you think its interesting that our food budget is almost the same as your golf budget? And isn't it interesting that i alone do the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the weekday parenting, and provide the income to pay for your preventitive jobless, homeless schooling? So thank you for putting up with my bag in the hall. I think i will leave it for a few more days just for fun.

I will probably end up putting her bag away like I put the rest of her camp stuff away. Thats just the kind of guy I am. Although my plan of preventative cleanliness would be great if I were single, it takes two to tango.

Anyone in the market for a bling bling putter? 24 k gold platted.So I water my lawn for what seems like hours tonight racking up a huge water bill and what does it do the second I turn the hose off, it pours.

Check out my latest Ebay items. more to come later in the week.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Pray for Ella

Ella has been sick for the past few days. She has a fever and has been throwing up. She was watching a movie on our bed with her little dvd and threw up shooting puke 3 feet covering the dvd player. The dvd player is fried, wonder if the warranty has 2 year old puke coverage? We are on our third player, the warranty was worth ever cent of the $24.99.

I went golfing today with my friend Kevin at highland park, we both played pretty good. I shot an 86 he shot an 85. I had a feeling that today was going to be the day I broke 80, if it wasn't for the 3 triple boggies I got, I would have been been there. I am on the brink it is only a matter of time.

I bought $800 in clubs today to sell on ebay. It is a little bit of a risk but I think I will get a pretty good return. clubs are brand new Callaway Fusion ft-3 tour driver and 3 fairway wood and TaylorMade r7 425 driver and r7 3 fairway wood. They will be posted in the next couple of days.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

This one is for you, Bart.

Never underestimate the Alabama trash. If you read bartmang's blog a few days ago, he was out cleaning up trash along the road and said he picked up a lot of beer cans and didn't find one fresca can. He wondered if there was a relationship between beverage choice and littering. In Alabama, it doesn't matter what your beverage choice is, its going on the side of the road. So Bart this on is for you.Here is a self portrait of me out baring the 90+ degree weather today. Those legs look pretty good for a slow, golfing student. I'll make a comeback one day, maybe 2008.
It is hard to get good action photos while riding alone.

I have not posted for awhile, I've been busy and tired. Brittney was away at girls camp all week and luckily my mom stayed a few extra days to help with Ella. We hit the Flee market and I bought a old taylormade fairway wood and a putter for $2 each. yesterday I was looking at the putter and it is 24 K gold platted. Sweet, a little bling for out on the course.

Tuesday I played golf and shot and 86 at Highland park golf course. I am going to break 80 soon I can feel it, maybe Monday.

tomorrow is fathers day and I am speaking in church. I looking forward to getting that over with. Fathers are pretty easy to talk about, especially when you have good ones.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Warning: contents under pressure

We are back from North Carolina. We had a good time, the races went well and the scenery was beautiful. If I were going to stick around on the east coast, I would make NC my home.

Rog and I went out for a little road ride on our mtb's this morning but it was cut short by a few problems with Stan's no tubes systems. A word to the wise do not put more than 45 psi in those babies. All our problems were because we inflated our tires with stans no tubes to 50 psi.We got about 400 yards when Roger's rear tire started leaking, a previously sealed hole was opened again because of the pressure. As we were fixing his tire in my drive way my front tire exploded, blew itself off the rim. We got it fixed and about 30 min. into the ride Rogers rear tire went flat again. So much for riding today.

We did make it to the golf course in the afternoon and had a great time. I even managed to talk my dad into buying a set of my golf clubs.

A great view of the blue ridge mountains from our condo.Rog ripping it up, on his way to 4th place expert men 50-55. not his best race ever but a solid performance.Ella catching some air like usual.A sweet rock fence in Banner elk, NC. and a high tech traveling machine.

Up close and personal with Shonny, Pro womens XC winner.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Deep in Disease

I've been thrown into the fire at school, seeing patients all day and expected diagnose and treat any of thousands of eye problems. Most of the patients seem to have some kind of disease like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, ptrygium, etc... and today I had a patient with graves disease or thyroid eye disease. All I can say is that the attending doctors expect a lot out of us even though we are green. It is pretty intense but I am having a great time.

My parents are flying in tomorrow and we are heading up to the Norba national in North Carolina. I am not going to be racing but I hope to get in some good riding and be Rog's support crew.

Word on the street is that Esteve saw a bear up South Fork canyon near big springs. Rog saw a bear up there last year. Carry a gun when you ride big springs, or at least a camera.

Ella's quote of the day, as she was looking at the alarm clock batteries, "mom, where do batteries come from? batteries don't come from chickens, chickens come from chickens "

I did manage to get out for short ride this evening. props to my big wig pro bro bartmang for holding down a full time job and having the energy to train. I was pretty tired after working all day today, all I could manage was a good cruise, no hammering for me. That book he is thinking about writing might be a big seller.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Can't think of a good title

The bump and grind was today, I did not go, I went to church instead. I don't think I am up for two hour races for now, My one hour rides 3 or 4 times per week just don't cut it when it comes to endurance. I probably could hang for the first 45 minutes on a good day. On the other hand, I have no trouble out on the golf course for 4-5 hours.

Speaking of golf, I played pretty good yesterday. I played 27 holes and I shot 42, 41, 42 on each nine, pretty good for a hacker. I am addicted to this dump game, and I can't quite figure our why. I think it must be filling the void of not being out on my bike for 10+ hours per week. I would be out on my bike more if I had anywhere worth while to ride, but for now I will stick to my one hour rides 3-4 times a week. Alabama has great golf so I better take advantage of it while I am here.

Here are Ella's sweet new clubs, only $5.

Ella is going to be a CAT driver when she grows up, Ella's excavating, Maybe she will hire me.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Before and After, The war zone

I posted this picture of this sweet bridge a few weeks ago.
I went to visit the same bridge today. Opps. Don't play with fire you will get burnt. What a shame it was a beautiful bridge and there were plans to make a railroad park out of it. Supposedly some kid was playing with fireworks and one of the oil covered beams caught fire and the rest is history.It looked like a war zone. My bike is leaning against an burnt up 3 wheeler frame.
At least the turtle survived. It did have a close call with my front tire though.

Another local dog pack.

Friday, June 02, 2006

A glimpse into the the life of Brittney, my wonderful wife

Here is what Brittney contends with every day. She has met her match. So what if Brittney has work to do ELLA WANTS TO PLAY. Despite all the chaos she does a brilliant job of keeping our house a float and everyone happy(that means time for golf and biking for me) and fed. Shes a keeper. Ella working on her short game in the living room. FORE.Ella working on her approach shots in the back yard. Nice shot Ella. Getting her started early. She got a new set of clubs yesterday and she loves them.

Brittney and I saw "The break up" tonight at theater. It inspired me to write this blog and clean the kitchen. Wait no, thats just the kind of Super Husband 3000 that I am. Movie was ok, not the best.

Shonny Vanlandingham is in town for the Bump and Grind race at Oak Mountain State Park. The sports caster on the local news actually took few seconds out of college football coverage and interviewed her (its a step in the right direction) The pro purse is over $10,000. Bart, you should have come visit your brother and brought down the Raleigh Factory team and won some cash. Maybe next year because it will be your last chance before I move back to Utah. And I would have to say it is a world class trail (the only one for miles and miles).

Thursday, June 01, 2006


If you missed the national spelling bee "Ursprache" was the word that took the national title and "weltschmerz" was the word that lost it. Those are some smart kids. Here are my new clubs (TaylorMade RAC LT 2), they are pretty and hit like a charm. They helped me shot an 80 last week, we will see what happens this week.

Here is our cutie Ella in the back yard. Check out the sweet tree in the background.

Ella and her friend Lily swinging thier hearts out.

If anyone is interested or knows someone who is into vintage bikes Here is a sweet one for you. It is a 1986 Cannondale SR900 with original campy click the link and check it out on ebay.

I started in the clinic seeing patients all day this week. It is awesome no class work, just giving sight to the blind and irradicating disease.

Here are my spelling words of the day, "Albatross", "Barkie", and this one is for you Bart "Duffer", (golf lingo for Hacker).