Monday, October 22, 2012

Squaw Valley Family Pictures

Road trip adventure (18 days of fun)

As a mom, I am always thinking of ways to help my kids make good choices. One theme that has been on my mind all year is that the Lord will support you in having righteous adventures. Meaning, just because you try your best to keep the commandments doesn't mean you can't have a great time.

So, one night in August the kids and I started talking about going on a road trip to Utah and a few other states. (Nevada, maybe California). When I woke up the next morning they had packed their own suitcases and were literally waiting in the van. It was my sign they were ready for an adventure. I packed my stuff and within a couple hours we had said goodbye to Kyle and were on our way.

18 days later we had packed in enough fun to last the whole year. Here are a few memories the kids said we should remember. Feel free to skip to pictures.

  • Chanting "Utah! Utah!" all through Idaho
  • Ashley wins the award for best baby traveler ever
  • We (meaning I) drove 15 hours straight and arrived just after 1:00 a.m.
  • Grandpa Dug, Grandma Anne and Shelby were waiting for us like always
  • Cafe Rio every day 
  • 2 baseball games with Grandpa (thanks for the treats, Julie!)
  • Blaring "Paradise City" in Grandpa's truck
  • Boating with Uncle Jake and cousins
  • Watched lots of Olympics with Grandma Anne
  • Grandma Janie had a backwards/opposite party that was lots of fun!
  • Shelby got a fancy haircut!
  • Scera Pool with Kate's BFF molly
  • Races with the cousins in the backyard
  • Splash pad with Grandma Janie
  • Fancy restaurants for lunch with Grandmpa (Chuck-O-Rama) LoL
  • Everyone sleeps in the same bed
  • 7 or so days in Utah
  • Drove another 10 hours to Reno
  • Surprise welcoming party at Kelly Couture's 
  • Ella's quote: "We have the BEST friends! They are waiting for us!"
  • 3 days with Kelly Couture (Swimming, children's museum, park at the river)
  • Sushi with the girls (thank you husbands for watching all the kids)
  • 3 days with Courtney
  • Stole John's jeep for late night In-and-Out
  • Roasted tomato soup
  • Sleepovers at Ashlyn's house ("Mom, Mrs. Sandra let us stay up all night and eat all the candy we wanted!)
  • Awesome run along the Truckee
  • Kyle arrived and 4 more days at Squaw Valley
  • Celebrated anniversary and awesome date
  • Swam to the buoy 
  • French Crepes
  • Tram
  • And so much more
We were so glad Kyle arrived to drive us home. We had the best time and the kids were awesome. Thanks, everyone, for all the fun!!!

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