Monday, January 12, 2009

sarah, does this come out of a magazine?

seriously, just one nap later.

and an update on dash . . .

Friday, January 09, 2009

ella my bella

Ella has been extra funny lately. Here are some of her latest antics:

This week Ella got mad at me, took a deep breath and yelled "YOU SIMPLETON!"

When I asked her what the word meant or where she heard it, all she could say was, "Well, I wanted to say, "YOU IDIOT," so I tried to find a nicer word." I'm still laughing.
Ella, did you take the money that was on my nightstand? ($130, in an envelope)
"No, i didn't do it."
Do you think you could help me find it? It's important.
"You know, I think i may have seen it up in the playroom. I'll go look for you."
Oh, good you found it. Katie or Dash probably took it, huh?
"Oh, alright, it was me."
"Mom, Dad cares about biking and golf. I care about love. Love is much better."

My only goal for 2009 is to get the kids outside every day. Notice all the friends I have to keep track of in addition to my three kids: FEZ, TINA, WOLFY, ROAR, SNOWBALL, etc.

After a year of sleeping on air mattresses, the girls finally got beds. It is working out much better.

The girls are always worried Dash needs a friend. It's time we got some buzz lightyears and stuff I think.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My 2008 Person of the Year

The competition was steep this year with so many awesome friends and family, but one gal stood out from them all: ANNE, aka mom.

Mom, you are my person of the year for countless reasons. Here are just a few:

Because you have an uncanny knack at knowing when your grandbabies will arrive . . . and always arrive just in time!

Because my kids love you so much sometimes they cry at night for you, just like you were their own mother.

Because your service is over the top (9 funerals, how many quilts? free haircuts and tons and tons of thoughtful cards, notes, surprise and packages to show people you care)

Because you know how to have a good time! Great food, great movies, great jokes, and lots of bad luck!

Because you somehow always volunteer to do the "dirty work": dishes, diapers, and the like.

Because you are always supportive and positive and my family's best cheerleader!

Because you always anticipate what people will need and have it ready and on hand!

Because even though you have a garage full of race cars, you choose to drive the beat up volvo.

Because no matter how many of your animals die, you still open your heart to more homeless strays!

Because you show everyone you meet that somehow they belong, that they are okay, that they have a friend in you if they need it.

Mom, thank you for being the best mom and grandma and mother-in-law that we could ask for. Having you here this Christmas made the season absolutely perfect, and those first few days getting to know Dash while you helped with the kids was the best Christmas gift of all!

Love You!!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The legacy continues

I woke up from my nap today and Ella rode by the window without her training wheels! In her words, "Dad said all I had to do was believe in myself and it worked!"

This video doesn't really do her skills justice but you get the idea. She can turn and everything.

Of course, kate wanted to try too. She kept yelling "Dad, let go!" She will be getting a bike for her birthday.

New Year's Eve celebration and a few pix of Dash. I am asking for a new camera for my birthday/valentines/anniversary/veterans day so we can work on the quality of our posts :)