Wednesday, November 02, 2011

happy halloween 2011

Halloween was pretty much covered, thanks to Kelly Yeats and my parents. Check out all of Kelly's yummy food below. She had a haunted party complete with hayride. Then we drove to Utah to enjoy the Liechty festivities. Grandpa Dug was the joker and Grandma Anne and Grandma Janie had spooky surprises around every turn.

My personal favorite part was the cyclocross race on Saturday. Kyle and all the kids raced and had a great time. It is an amazing feeling to share something you love so much with your whole family. Of course I don't have pictures; sometimes it is nice just to enjoy the experience instead of worrying about photographing the event.

Then on the way home from Utah we stayed in a hotel. Someone came up and told me how well mannered my children were during breakfast. YES! I can die happy! Well, maybe not yet but the more of us there are the more of an accomplishment it is to have a nice peaceful meal together.

Anyway, hope you had a great halloween!