Thursday, November 30, 2006

mess machine, no no not Brittney

Ella loves to make a good mess, outside inside, it does not matter.

I bought this shaft puller the other day and it works like a charm. I am thinking about giving up on school and opening a bike/golf shop in the garage, I think Brittney will be thrilled.

I take back a few things about what I have said about Alabama, the weather lately has made up for a lot. 70's in December is really nice.

I've been dealing with knee pain for a long time and it is getting worse and starting to interfere with the golf game and such, so I am working on going under the knife and getting it fixed. I'll post the latest updates as they come.

My golf clubs sales paid the mortgage this month, and Brittney says ebay stinks.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

She's got talent, and Todd too.

Ella never ceases to amaze us. She really stacked these chips by herself.
You know who your real friends are when they save their kids baby food jars for months and make you a fancy Christmas tree that lights up and everything. Brittney had mentioned to Gina how funny she thinks the baby food jar creations are so She and Todd saved their jars for months and made this sweet creation for our mantle. Thanks guys.

The temps were pushing 80 today, the golf course was packed today and it got dark before I was able to finish my round. I got a sweet new club, a Jack Nicklaus mv-20 signature series 3 wood from the set you buy at costco. I traded Todd a TaylorMade sand wedge for it and it is a sweet club.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

We are on a little adventure in Georgia with the Page's this week, Tuesday was all day super shopping for Brittney and Gina at the Georgia premium outlets, Yesterday Todd and I played golf and then we all went to Kennesaw mountain (civil war battle ground) over looking Atlanta.
Today we are just giving thanks and hanging out, on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner: taco soup. Ella playing on top of Kennesaw mountain. Brittney and I on top the world.
Ella and Lana, over looking Atlanta.
The family.

Playing on the troll bride.

Blasting one off the tee, straight down the center.
Another blast down the center on a long par 5.
Approach shot on the par 5.Nice shot Todd, check out the flying grass.Another blast off strait down the middle. TaylorMade R5 dual tp 9.5 degree with speeder 757 shaft, awesome clubNice form Todd.

100 yard par 3, Sand wedge landed it in the middle of the green.

The Page family, Todd, Luke, Gina , and Lana. The 4 letter name Family.Sweet civil war cannon.
I hope you enjoyed the picture show.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas in November?

For some reason we are getting an early start on Christmas this year, maybe because we will be in Utah most of December and we want to experience some of the festivities at our home. Unlikely, Brittney and Ella just like opening presents. Ella tearing into her new PJs.
I actually made it out for a bike ride on Friday and got a good picture of this colorful tree. Most of the leaves have already turned, but there are a few stragglers like this one. Alabama has a few good characteristics, it can be beautiful at times, especially in the fall.

Sunsets here are usually pretty nice too, I took this from my back porch.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day of the year, high of 47, Should be a good day for golf. 47 in Alabama feels more like 35 in Utah, humidity cuts you to the core. burrr.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ross Bridge

What a course! A word of advice though, don't play a 8000 yard course with clubs you have never played with before. Scores were not the best but it was still a good time and beautiful.

225 yard par 3 with an island green, I stuck the green with my trusty Taylormade rescue mid, only club in my bag that was not brand new. 185 yard par 3, hit it 15 feet from the pin with my 5 iron.
Just one of the greens.
Bunker protected green on a par 5.
It was a great course but not my favorite by a long shot, the $100 green fee might be the reason, when I can play courses almost as nice for $17. But I can now say I have played at Ross Bridge.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The many uses of a golf tee!

My computer is on its last leg, about a week ago one of the hinges broke. A little gorilla glue and a modified golf tee and I am back in business, it keeps my screen from falling back too far, leave it to me "the Master modifier" to make it work, it is in the genes, my dad taught me most everything I know about modifying, I call him the "Grand Master modifier".

I survived finals, I took the last one today and it was a killer, 115 questions on the anomolies of binocular vision, If you want to make your head hurt study that stuff. I've got 10 days off now, should be nice if it would stop raining. I'm going to do some golfing, some biking, and some hanging out with the family.

I am hopefully going to play golf at Ross Bridge, it is one of the nicest course in Alabama. The Champions tour has an event there every year. It is a very long course 8191 yards from the back tees, that is going to be a killer since I have been playing courses around 6000 yards. The reason I am going is because for winning the winter golf classic I got a gift certificate for $60 towards a round there. Too bad that doesn't even cover the green fee and I will have to shell out another $30. It should be awesome, I probably will not get many chances to play at a course like this.

Ebay sales are going great, I am getting rid of my inventory, but the problem is I've got more on the way.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Buy my TaylorMade clubs, they are awesome

The best clubs in the world right at your finger tips just click here: TaylorMade Clubs

Saturday was one of the worst days I have had in a long time, woke up a 7:00 am and started studying, didn't stop untill 9:00 pm. finals are coming up, starting in the morning. I have so much to study over the next 4 days it makes me sick to think about it. I guess I could gone golfing so much and been a little more prepared but oh well. wish me luck.
Here is Ella putting on a show for me and Brittney this morning before church.
I especially like brittney's socks. Ella went to bed at 6:00 pm tonight, I hope she doesn't wake up in a few hours and want to play.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A visit to the eye doctor, something to laugh at

If you want a good laugh, watch this, pay attention to the guys crazy eyes.

As finals are fast approaching, I should be studying but the golf game also requires much studying. I shot an 80 yesterday at highland park.

Monday, November 06, 2006

When is Christmas?

Ella is getting an early start on Christmas this year. Brittney and Ella were going through tubs and tubs of Ella's clothes and found this cute suit. Ella gets a Christmas tree in her room in exchange for eating dinner every night and going to bed without her milk. Instead of stickers she gets ornaments.
Finals are coming up next week, study or golf that is the question? Both, must keep a balanced life.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

78, did it again.

Repeatable results. I shot a 78 today at Highland park today, I've broke 80 twice now in the past month, sweet. I hope to keep up the trend. I've been trying a new driver and hybrid with x-flex shafts and they have got to go. My irons have x-flex shafts and they are awesome but I am loosing distance with the driver and hybrid, back to stiff shafts. I have an R5 with a Speeder 757 x-flex shaft and it is like hitting a 2x4 against a brick wall, the shaft I used today is a Graman UL780 "limey" x-flex, not as harsh as the speeder but, still too much for me. I will probably go back to the Aldila NV shafts. Sorry for the boring golf techno weenie stuff but maybe someone out there will find it as cool as I do. We had the great annual garage sale this morning. Our neighborhood has this thing every year and somehow I get roped into selling a bunch of stuff for pennies. we sold a bunch of stuff and only made like $23, what a waste of time! I vow every year to not do it again but somehow I find myself waking up at dawn and hauling a bunch of crap out to the cold driveway. Gina (the super garage sale deal finder) brought some stuff over, she didn't do any better than us. But our friend Kevin showed up at about 10:30 with a couple of items and sold them within 10 minutes to a big lady in a minivan that wouldn't even get out of her van, It was the drive through garage sale, she pointed and the item was brought to her. Kevin sold a wopping $32.25, stompped on all of us in only a few minutes.
Here is the real way to sell: Ebay. (aka cash cow) I've got a lot of inventory that needs to be moved, bought another TaylorMade tp mb iron set yesterday and still have the LT's and 3 R5 tp drivers that need to go. check out the photo, I need a haircut, Debbie the haircut lady had the weekend off, I guess I will go shag for another week.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween fun

Ella was a funny trick or treater. We went to the first house and she was a little hesitant but let them put a handful of treats in her bag. At the next house they tried to give her more candy and she said she already had some and from then on we would just knock on the door and say happy halloween because Ella already had candy in her bag.
Lana the Cat and Tinkerbell EllaThe preschool costume party.The costume of the night goes to Bella the fluffy puppy. to bad it was 70 degress for the poor little puppy.