Sunday, August 30, 2009

go tigers!

1, 2, 3, 4 what do you think those cleats are for? To stomp 'em. To stomp 'em.

I'll post some pix of their cheering soon. It is so cute, and Lil is an awesome coach!
Our friends the palmers just happen to be superstars when it comes to football. I think we will be attending all of the games this season. The kids had a blast.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bonita Lake

Fridays are my new favorite days because they mean a date with Kyle and our bikes. Bonita Lakes has miles and miles and miles of amazing singletrack and it is only 50 minutes from our home. Come visit and we'll take you to see for yourself.

Kyle and Dash crusing the town.
I'm finally getting into shape after a long and pregnant winter, metaphorically speaking :). Only 4 pounds to go!

Kyle is a sweetie and keeps my bike tuned and ready. He also bought me new shoes and pedals. Egg beaters are awesome. I guess that tells you how long I've been out of the game if my last pair of pedals were speedplays.

We have officially started saving for the his and her cannondale scalpel fund. It may take us a couple of years but half the fun is anticipation, right?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dash Climbs Stairs

Today he climbed all the way to the playroom. For the grandma's reading enjoyment:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One day we'll look back at the craziness . . .

Here are some happenings from the Gillespie home recently:

Kyle and Brit
-Celebrating 8 years of marriage tomorrow!
-Went canoeing on the little Cahaba and had a blast
-Kyle is the official rope swing KING
-Had our first overnight date in a long time. Thanks, Palmers!
-World-class singletrack and beach at Lake Lurleen
-Showered outdoors like hippies and loved every minute
-Kyle is suffering from a severe outbreak of poison oak
-Raced my first 5K in a while. Took second and forgot how much racing hurts.

Ella (5 ½)
-Started kindergarten and loves learning to read
-Mouse and the motorcycle rules
-Rallies her bike, as our neighbor said, “Like freakin’ Lance Armstrong.”
-Loves her friends and her family

“Mom, Satan has been telling me to make a wrong choice. He told me I won’t get in trouble, but I know he’s lying! Ooh, he’s talking to me again. Ooh, I just told him to BE QUIET.”

“Mom, we put the cheerios in our mouths and shot them everywhere, just like a machine gun in Iraq! Oh, you’re angry? I mean, Katie put the cheerios in her mouth . . .”

“Mom, have you ever heard of anything so lovely?”

“Oh, Mom! Look at the little centipede! Isn’t he so cute!”

Kate (2 ½)
-Sweet as can be--if she likes you--that is
-Still climbing in bed with us every night at 3:00 a.m
-As gritty and tenacious as ever
-Seriously athletic. Can easily run a mile at the local park.
-Loves milk and a MOO-vie
-Got caught "house-breaking" Ella the puppy on one of my towels. I came in just as Ella was peeing and Katie was saying, "Good job, puppy. Good job, puppy." They got in trouble for this one. Sometimes they take pretend a little too far . . .

“Daddy, what happened? (Poison Oak) Did you get hit by a car?”

“I go potty in the potty! Dad be so proud!”

While climbing something treacherous: “Mom, no worries! I got this!”

“Mom, I went potty yesterday! I no need go! I promise you!”

“Mom, you the best mom ever!”

Favorite expressions while riding her bike: “Mom, I beat you!” or while going up hills, “I push through! I push through!”

Dash (barely 8 months)
Dash can climb up stairs.
Dash loves waffles. L.O.V.E. loves them
Dash smiles at anything that moves
Dash is my happy place and loves his sisters
Dash is going to start sleeping through the night soon. I feel it. :)

These are the moments . . .

Friday, August 07, 2009

Say no to government takeover of health care

20 minutes but my personal favorite. this video is worth watching:

another one by john stossel:

Health Care: Does Canada Do It Better?

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glenn beck actually has good things to say if you can get past his ADHD and crying. this interview was excellent.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fungi is FUN

One of these days I'll post about why I'm homeschooling Ella. Until then, check out our science class today. Lucky us, bama just happens to be home of all things moist and damp. The perfect enviornment for fungi. And as a bonus, I think I lost a few pounds tromping around in bizillion degree heat.

Anyway, our classroom motto is "Where every day is a five turtle day!"
There's a pond/log by our house and every time we pass it we count the turtles. There is always one turtle there but usually 3 or 4 and sometimes if we're lucky the whole family is out sunbathing.

Ella, Kate and friends have explorer notebooks where they can draw pix, take notes, and glue pictures. Ella and kate took these pictures themselves.

After our little nature walk everyone was so worn out we all took a nap in my bed. Does that ever happen?!! I think it made my top 10 days for being a mom.

Anyway, I better go do some dishes and watch the news. And if you have a chance, remember Anne in your prayers. Hopefully surgery tomorrow will get her back in the game.