Saturday, February 24, 2007

guest blogger in the house, big mama brit

Baby kate checking things out
Ella Jane flying her kite and getting ready for the new arrival
Super husband 3000 cuddling with his new girl
I kept telling Kyle this was going to be an 8 pounder. And if you can't tell by the cheeks, i was right
Funny, she's always sleeping when we're awake, and always awake when we're sleeping :)
So hungry she's going for gram's chin

ella calling her grandpa to share the news
running in to see the new arrival. sharing the good times with her best bud, Lana
hanging with "my baby lucy." For the record, we haven't changed her name to lucy; that's ella's nickname for her
ella at her first scocer practice with her teammates. You teach em to share for their first three years and then you teach them to steal the ball for the next 10 in the name of fun. Crazy.
came home from the hospital today. still look six months pregnant; kyle says its better than nine. Thanks to dug for letting us borrow his wife. She cooks and cleans and is the best grams ever.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another Name Change: Kate Anne Gillespie

This is the final name change, they picked up the birth certificate paperwork today.

Everyone is doing great and going home from the hospital tomorrow. More on the baby Kate later, we are tired and need to rest.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Katie Anne Gillespie

So we had a last minute name change. 7lbs 13oz, 20 inches. Mom and baby are happy and healthy and Ella is a great big sister.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ella, Brittney yesterday and Grandma Anne and Morgan Kate tomorrow

Grandma Anne flew in yesterday and the party started. She brought Ella a t-ball set so she could start practicing to be on her soft ball team in a few years, Ella can really crank them just like grandma.
Tinkerbell and dad getting ready for the party.
A few of Ella's friends showed up for some cake and little fun. Thank goodness for the neighborhood club house or I would have been scrubbing juice out of my carpet for weeks

Evan living it up at the party, Evan is Ella's self proclaimed "boyfriend". He even gave her a valentine poem. roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you.
At the party Ella asked Evan if he was going to marry her but he said "no, I am going to take my jacket off". we are trying to direct her away from boyfriends at this point and more toward soccer teammate. we will see how it works.

Her purple cake all to herself. she poked at it for a few minutes and then got bored, she's the only kid I have ever met who turns down cake.
Brittney also had a good birthday and was hoping that Morgan would be born yesterday so she could share her birthday with her and Ella.
Morgan is coming if she likes it or not tomorrow, c-section scheduled 12 noon.
I started finals this week, I've been studying like mad for the past 3 days in preparation for the baby, I figured out that I need to get about a 55% on each of 5 finals to pass (D's are not allowed at UAB school of Optometry, but C's get degrees) I should be fine. I got 2 out of the way today and I have one in the morning at 8:00, I have to take it quick to be to the hospital by 10. I will finish up finals with one test on Wed. and one on Thurs then it is a week off, full of enjoying time with the growing family and lots of golf.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

morgan kate gillespie

it is final, kind of. Brittney has a soft spot for grandpa morgan, so the name finally won out. That, and she looked through 11,000 names on the internet today without any success. The middle name will either be kate or anne. and heck, i guess if she doesn't look like a morgan then we'll just switch it and call her kate morgan. Anyway, now that the baby has a name it can come anytime. Thanks for all the suggestions.


Great day for hitting some balls in the backyard.

Still no baby and no name but we got some great suggestions from yesterdays post.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Irons

With all my down time over the past few weeks I did some wheeling and dealing and ended up with some new irons, the new TaylorMade R7 TP with true temper dynamic gold s300 shafts. I have not played a round with them yet but they feel good hitting balls in the back yard.

My knee is doing great, it is still a little sore but almost back to normal. It feels really good when I am swinging the club, I practiced for about an hour today with no problems, I am itching to get a round in as soon as I find the time. Finals are coming up in a week and the baby could come at any time. Brittney is doing good but wishes the baby would come soon. Last night she walked the hills in our neighborhood for an hour and a half in hopes of going into labor. We still do not have a name, any suggestions would be great.