Monday, March 19, 2007


Ella's first soccer game was on Saturday, Her team scored one goal. The other team had one kid that knew how to really play soccer, he even slide tackled one of our players, he scored 6 or 7 goals. The last 10 minutes of the 3o minute game, it was a struggle to get any of players on either team to get on the field and play. The first 15 minutes were rocking though.

Ella's teammates, Even and Bella. Evan scored the goal and Ella thinks they are getting married, they hold hand during practice and I have to tell here she is there to play soccer, not find a husband

Ella is pretty darn good when it is just her and the ball, but she is not very aggressive around the other kids.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I have been a posting slacker lately, I have been very tired, my words are sluurryingtooogeeeteer, bodily functions are coming to a halt, I may not make it....

Ok so it is not that bad, we are all surviving around here, Kate is doing great, especially at keeping us up a night. She sure is cute and cuddly though.
I started my last quarter of classes for the rest of my life, 10 weeks and I am class free. Last quarter I thought I would barely squeak by but I ended up making the deans list. I am reaching the end of my rope, I do not have much left in the tank, I might just crack if I have to endure another class. Thanks to a great Wife and golf for getting me through it.
Don't know what else to say, but Ella still thinks we are #1.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Par 4 Eagle

My golf game is coming around, I shot 79 yesterday. I have played 4 rounds since the knee surgery, all 4 in the past week, twice at junky dead courses and shot in the 90's and twice at highland park and shot 81 and 79. I had the best shot of my life on the last hole yesterday, it was a 350 yard par 4 and my second shot was 125 out and I holed it for an eagle. It was my first eagle on a par 4.

Here is the lucky ball I played with the whole round, Callaway HX red. I usually play with a titleist pro v1 or a TaylorMade TP red. My friend Brent Petersen recommended the hx red to me awhile back and I came across one and thought I would give it a try. He was right, it is a great ball, too bad Callaway does not produce it anymore.

In honor of one of my favorite races, the desert rampage in St. George Utah, which was today, I pulled the Raleigh off the wall, dusted it off, put air in the tires, bled the brakes, and took it for a trail ride. It has been close to a year since it has seen any action. I rode for about 40 minutes and in that time, I saved a wrecked 4 wheeler rider by getting his machine off a sketchy hill, avoided about 10 drunk jeepers muddin on the trails, and about 10 moto riders.

I've also got a MTB race to get ready for on the 17th. On thursday I was riding through a dumpy little town called brookside and I was flagged down by the Mayor to tell me about a mountain bike race that the town was holding. Russian Boar Scramble Should be interesting.

We also survived the Tornados this week.

Here is our stocked safe room, also know as Ella's bathroom.

hanging out in the safe room, surfing the web during the tornado warning, checking the tornado tracks, ebay sales, and golf clubs.

Ella in the safe room with grandma Anne.

Ella made a "bird nest" for Kate to take a nap in. Kate

Ella loves playing on her computer, it will not be long until she will be buying golf clubs off ebay.