Sunday, March 28, 2010

easter is just around the corner . . .

so lately the laundry has been getting me down. and the dishes. and the sweeping.

but i have an antidote: i play with my kids. when i play with them, i forget all the drudgeries of motherhood and remember all its blessings.

3 Nephi 22:
"And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of thy children."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reality versus perception

"Marketing is not a battle of products, it's a battle of perceptions." --Jack Trout

So, I guess that's where we're at. Facts don't matter. Common sense doesn't matter. What matters is the reality in the mind of the consumer.

I want healthcare for everyone, I do. I'm just one of those people who believe you can't create resources out of thin air. I am waiting for a proponent of this health care bill to defend its sustainability, its efficacy, its efficiency . . . anything about it other than, "you know, it will be like christmas . . . "

An article worth reading . . .

It’s NOT a Health Bill, NOT a Medicare Tax and It Can’t Possibly Cost Only $940 Billion

On a happy note, we glittered easter eggs today. Glitter does a lot to lift the spirits in my home.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not the end but the beginning . . .

Last night was a huge disappointment. But the points in Rep. John Boehner's speech are worth listening too. I am grateful for Rep. John Boehner and the fight he has been waging against this bill.

It's time for Americans to wake up from their apathetic slumber. Arm yourself with facts and help shape the future or someone is going to shape it for you.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ignoring the massachussetts experiment

listen to what the treasurer of massachussetts says about how government run healthcare has affected his state

-it is bankrupting the state and can only survive because of federal subsidies (has anyone thought who will subsidize the federal government?)

-the state is being sued by hospitals because the hospitals are going bankrupt because of poor reinbursements

-increased access with fewer competitors = increased premiums for everyone

-functions as a public option, although it was designed to include the private sector more

(note: pay attention to what private companies do. when they start pulling out, it is because they are actually accountable for their bottom lines. when there is no profit, you lose competition and quality goes down and cost goes up. case in point,
walgreens just announced it will not accept any more medicaid patients in washington state because its medicaid reimbursements are below break-even point 95% of the time. that's 121 less stores that customers have access too.)

-and if you make it to the end of the interview, note what the congresswoman says about the IRS being the enforcer for health care. YIKES. My mom owed just under $3.00 in taxes, yes, three dollars, which she paid. But the IRS couldn't find a form, which she submitted. They sent her a fine of $15,000!!! When my dad called to clear it up, the lady on the other end said the computer randomly selects large fines to scare people into contacting the IRS. Are you freaking kidding me? Her fine was dropped, but still . . .

let washington know what you think . . . click here for a list of targeted representatives

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Free isn't ever really free

My parents taught me to be suspicious of giveaways. "Free isn't ever really free." Did yours?

It took 5 hours with three kids to get a simple license last week. Do you really think the government will be any more efficient with health care, a beast infinitely more complex and time sensitive?

Do Something!
E-mail those thiefs on the hill and tell them no.

Some things to think about.

-I know there are many good-hearted people who approve of this bill because they have seen people suffer and want health care for their loved ones who need it. However, this bill is an illusion and a lie. The promises are unsustainable and take even more power away from the patient. The brave thing to do is to look facts in the face, look at the truth of the costs of this bill, and then start to innovate real solutions to this real crisis.

-You may be a democrat but this bill gives the government an extreme amount of power. (1/5 of our economy. the ability to raise taxes to pay for it. etc. etc.) What happens when your party looses office? Do you really want the likes of George W. Bush affecting health policy? The government deciding which patients get priority and which ailments are worth treating? P.S. you know this bill funds abortions, right?

-Where will the money come from? We already have daunting unfunded social security and medicare obligations. Trillion dollar deficits. 300+ billion interest payments annually. And all of this without the added costs of this new healthcare bill, which will be enormous. Government is expanding access without reforming costs.

-At some point, countries stop lending. The U.S. is close to loosing its AAA status worldwide and that is the beginning. Who is going to pay for our luxuries? The answer is our children. And they are going to pay for it with more than money.

-The government is experimenting with 1/5 of our economy! Why not try it on a smaller scale and see how that works. Oh yeah, Massachussetts. And look how that's turning out. They may have added bells and whistles to Romney's original plan, but the point is, politicians ALWAYS add bells and whistles and never care about the repayment of the loans.

I want people to have access to affordable health care too. Kyle and I are both self-employed and pay huge amounts every month to have health insurance. We are passionate about reform. For example, let us buy health care across state lines. Address tort reform. Punish insurance companies who screw their people and people who screw the insurance companies. Stop legislating coverage of procedures that many of us consider optional which in turn raises premiums for ordinary customers.

i'm sorry to be political on a family blog, but the apathy of this nation is getting to me. do something. believe in something. check your facts and then check them again. do not trust your politicians ever, no matter which party, and especially if they think they can do better with your resources than you can.

let's be hopeful and innovative. let's do something to bring costs down and get people help who need it. let's take better care of ourselves and invest in prevention and health. but let's not give away our children's future for an illusion of health and prosperity paid for with loans, the raping of freedoms and empty promises.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


These girls love gymnastics. My phone takes crappy pictures but I still thought they were worth posting.

Also, the latest Ella antic:
Ella--"Mom, I can't wait to be 20."
Mom--"Oh yeah?"
Ella--"Yeah, cause when I'm 20 I can do whatever I want."
Mom--"Yep. And then you can buy all your own stuff too."
Ella--"Yeah, I'll get a job so I can buy my own stuff."
Mom--"Sounds good to me."
Ella--"I love 20." (Sigh)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Our new stomping ground

Kindergarten is only half day in Reno and for some reason the time felt right. It was amazing to see her just join the other kids on the playground like she'd been with them all year.

Our house backs up to a walking path and protected wetlands. It is a great place for the kids to ride bikes. Kate (aka "full throttle") can go all out and I don't have to worry about her getting flattened by a car.

The very small but very entertaining waterfall. The other day I watched Kate strip off her boots, then socks, then pants, then underwear and sit in it while there was still snow on the ground. Sometimes I think she would be great in an adam sandler movie.

This park is for gladiators in training and is just a short ride down the path.

Dash hanging in his chair.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Why I love my parents . . .

“If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings.” --Brian Tracy

Anne and Dug are crazy in a good way and always a lot of fun. They would do anything for me or mine and usually do.

They made me believe I could be and do anything with hard work and faith. As I get older I realize how rare this gift is. If only we could bottle it and share it with the masses. I think it would be called Hope or maybe Happiness.

Anyway, they watched my kids for 2 1/2 weeks straight last month. The kids think of them not only as grandparents but as best friends.

Even with all the wrong in the world, Anne and Dug are proof that there are still some things going right.

Happy Birthdays, Mom and Dad! You are truly the best!

Monday, March 01, 2010

almost done with the disney posts :)

Animal Kingdom was our favorite! The safari was awesome! Also up there were a bug's life, facepainting, the petting zoo and the lion king. Ella went on her first serious roller coaster, the Yeti adventure, and loved every minute! I was also surprised how much the kids loved the characters. Kate hugged pooh bear over and over and Dash thought they were hilarious.
Thank you, mom and dad, for the best 50th, 30th, 6th and 3rd birthdays ever! We love you so much and are so greatful for such an awesome family. Jake and Reni, the next vacation will be closer so we can all be together! Love ya!