Sunday, August 12, 2007

supergirls rule; realtors drool

"mom, i have a great idea: i'm going to use my super powers to pick up our house and fly it to grandmas." --quote of the day, ella gillespie

"I can't help it. Grumpy is in my genes." excuse of the day, kyle gillespie

"I need a vacation from my problems." movie line of the day, Bob, whatabout bob.

House is under negotion this week. back and forth with a stack of contracts. Yuck. This is the second offer on the house. Let's hope it sticks. Then our fam needs a place to live. Any takers? I'm a pretty good cook and clean bathrooms.
My neighbor had pitty on my attempts to make a supergirl cape, took home the pink satin, and viola! Ella and kate had two sweet costumes for the party. Thanks, kath!