Sunday, May 30, 2010

Recording the little things . . .

38 pounds, 25th percentile
Graduated from kindergarten
Loves books about gems, volcanoes and dragons
Makes friends easily and is kind to others
Loves dress up and dresses up often!
Looks forward to Thursday night (gymnastics and survivor)
Acts as my trainer. Bikes the loop while I run.
Does her piano lessons without fighting
Loves How to Train Your Dragon
Is my special helper and big girl

Ella is still a little boy crazy. I don’t think this is going to change so we say things like, “Well, you can’t help how you feel but you can help what you do.”

“Mom, I know he likes me. He gave me the look.” What look? “Mom, you know the look.”

“If someone doesn’t get their spelling medal, I will give them my spelling medal so they don’t feel bad.”

(During the carpool) Ella: “Mom, you would be proud. I have been trying not to chase boys on the playground.” Carpool friend: “Well, you can chase me if you want.”

(During the carpool) There were only two suckers so Ella said the other kids could have them. “I’m a food expert and candy makes your brain feel lousy.”

(Ella’s crush) “When is Ella going to get here?” In a few minutes. “I wish it were a few seconds.”

33 pounds, 50th percentile

Takes gymnastics twice a week and and asks every day, “Do I get to see Ms. Gloria today?” They call her the powerhouse. If the other kids aren’t paying attention she cuts in line because she means business. Ella and I just watch from the window and shake our heads.

Last week at a birthday party, they asked the little kids if they wanted to jump into the pit. Other little kids would be scared but without thinking Kate did a front flip into the foam cubes. When asked if she was scared, “No, that was awesome!”

Lost her training wheels this week. Rides the 3 mile loop around our house no problem. Likes to race the other kids and always, always wears a ballet outfit.

Watched the musical Annie and now thinks she’s a scrappy little orphan.

Likes to give the thumbs up, blow kisses and tell me “I’m the best mom in the world.”

After hearing Ella talk about her friend Jake, “I want a Jake too.”

Loves to play puppy, kitty, and dragon.

Does NOT like Dash in her room.

Loves to shake it and dance it up with her friends.

“I want to grow up and race like daddy.” You can’t race with training wheels. “Take them off right now. I know I can do it.”

She loves my neighbor Kelly. “Mom, you make the best dinners. And Ms. Kelly.”

Wakes up the earliest in the family and runs around like a T-Rex until the rest of us are awake, too.

Does not like to wear a diaper to bed. Gets up in the middle of night, takes her PJs off, changes into panties and her ballet outfit.

23 pounds, 10th percentile

Wakes up and spends a good ten minutes snuggling with me every morning.

Likes to sing “wheels on the bus” and “itsy-bitsy spider”.

Likes to point to his nose, ears, eyes and belly button.

Loves peek-a-boo and chasing his sisters around the house.

Loves to drag my pots and pans out of the cupboard and play with them.

Drives his car around the house saying “vrooooooooooooooom” for hours.

Likes to point sticks and guns and other boy toys and say, “bang, bang, bang!”

Loves to wave and say “Hey” or “Hello”.

Uses the broom handle to turn on lights and push the water dispenser in the fridge.

Hardly ever cries and brings lots of love into our home.

Hanging out

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy B-day, Kyle!

Kyle and I made a 30th birthday escape this weekend to California. No kids, no plans . . . HEAVEN. We went to the movies, slept in, biked/ran a huge gorge by the American river, ate at yummy restaurants, golfed 18 holes at Dark Horse, checked out the confluence . . . hiked some more . . . sat by the river and threw rocks and talked about life . . . . Even though Kyle didn't want to come home, i told him he would miss the kids and he finally agreed.

This sign was on the outside of our hotel. California means business when it comes to consumer labels.

The dark horse golf course. Rated top 10 in california.

Beautiful american river.
Thanks to my mom for watching the kids. Not having to worry about the little squirts made the mini-vacation that much better.
Love you, Kyle. Remember, 30s are the new 20s!