Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mud war

"Our parents didn't think it was appropriate to send little children to war, so instead we had a mud war." --Ella Gillespie 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Remind me when i'm old...

Things I can't forget. Feel free to skip to the pictures . . . 

-How having a new baby fills the house up with love . . . 

-How Kyle said we can have another baby if they are as good as Ashes...

-How a kid's tiny moments can be packed with so much courage . . . 

-How a handful of quarters at the pool concession stand can equal pure joy . . . 

-How sunshine and water make us feel so darn happy . . . 

-How training for a marathon has helped return mental grit to my mushy brain . . . 

-How our twenties were great but our thirties are so much better . . . 

-How cousins make the kind of friendships that last forever . . .

-How when your parents both get surgery in the same day, you can't do anything about it but pray for them and hope things turn out well . . . 

-How dealing with city government reminds me why government should never be involved in health care

-How it feels when my kids forgo TV for an outside adventure 

-How I haven't been in to work for months and guess what? Work is doing just fine

-How homeschooling can be a gift

-How sending your kids to school can be a gift

-How Dash tells me every morning, "Mom, I love you."

-How Kate sneaks into my bed every night, changes outfits 4 times a day and has only one speed: full throttle. 

-How Kate is also the snack broker at the pool and says, "2 qworters" in a perfect, boston accent

-How Ella told me she started a club: "I'm the vice-president. All we do is talk about boys."

-How my kids told their babysitters, "We are having a babysitting competition. We want to see who is the best."And the fact that it worked.

-How I can't potty train Dash and I just give up

-How I don't regret plantation shutters one bit

-How I love fresh produce but can't seem to fall in love with gardening

-How there is waaaay to much sugar in freezer jam. Use the low sugar pectin

-How sometimes when you think you are going to die, a friend totally bails you out!

-How I am so excited to visit Tahoe and soak in that deep blue happiness

-How being a full-time mom is about the greatest, most rewarding thing in the whole world

Sidenote: Last weekend was pretty great. Woke up early. Ran 14 miles. Fed baby. Threw kids in truck. Drove to Cle Elm. Hoofed it with 4 kids and the cooler and tent and camping chair. Fed baby some more. Watched Kyle come out of retirement in blazing hot weather. Passed water bottles while kids cheered for their awesome dad. Bribed the kids into missing their race in exchange for an ice cream cone. (A girl can only take so much heat!) Anyway, most days aren't spent indulging in exactly what you want to do so they are worth remembering!

Baby Ash in her car seat

She has her own bouffant!

Every girl should feel like a princess
Cousins make the best friends

You know someone is awesome when they let you stand on their head

Swim competition sleepy heads . . . Darren H on baby duty