Saturday, October 28, 2006

Training grounds

Here is my training grounds where I spend hours working on my swing, trying to get the flaws out. I am a visual learner so I learn by watching the pros swing on the internet and television, then I hit the net, use the window as a mirrow and take photos and video to see what I am doing wrong.I have been working hard and I am liking how my swing is coming together. It is always a challange to remember the feel of the changes I make, so repetition, repetition, repetition. Like always, my neighbors think I am crazy, they come out in their back yard's for a smoke and a drink and see me hitting for hours. Ella got a new play dress today, she loved showing it off for the camera. Here is Ella showing off her new play dress.


Todd and I pulled it off, 2006 Winter Golf Classic Champions! It was the nasties weather you have ever seen, crazy wind and typical Alabama down pour. It was tough but we played well and ended up 5 under par. The wind was so fierce on some holes that shots with a pithing wedge or sand wedge would look like they were headed right for the pin, catch the wind, stop in the air and blow back about 20-30 yards short of the pin, we had a heck of a time judging distance and choosing the correct club.We were paired with Caleb and John (pictured above). Caleb's club slipped out of his hands twice and went flying about 50 yards, yet both times the ball landed perfectly on the green. As you can see me in the back ground holding my 24k gold platted putter, also known as "gold boy", its a beauty.
The trophy sure looks nice on the mantle. Hopefully the first of many to come.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Reason #56 I am moving back to Utah

Early morning seminary. For the past 3 days I have been the early morning seminary substitute teacher. Waking up at 5am is killer, teaching the class was fun but 5am takes its toll.
So reason #56 I am moving back to Utah, so my children (and me) do not have to suffer through early morning seminary. (yes I am a wimp). Hats off to all those early morning seminary students and teachers.

In addition to the seminary I had long days at school and got home around 8pm. It all caught up to me yesterday, my body was fighting something and I slept most of the day and last night I broke out in a fever and chills like I have never had before. The fever broke at about 1:30am and I am feeling better now. I stayed home from class today for the first time in my optometry school career, so I can get rested up.

Tomorrow I am playing in the American Optometric Student Association golf tournament at the Robert trent jones golf trail. It is a two man scramble, Todd is my teammate, I am representing Hoya and Todd is representing Cooper Vision. Severe weather is forecasted for tomorrow so we will have to see what happens.

My chipping green is looking good and the tee box is coming right along. My neighbors think I am crazy but it is so beautiful
The tee box is coming along.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

New camera, back in ebay business

I bought a sweet new camera today at costco. The posted price was $299 and at check out it rang up for $249, sweet can't beat $50 in the pocket, that is a few rounds of golf. I also visited the local GolfSmith and pick up some gripping supplies: huge can of solvent, giant role of 2 sided tape, a shaft clamp and a couple Golf Pride New Decade grips. I've now got the supplies to regrip hundreds of clubs, I guess that means I will have to buy some more clubs. I put one of the new grips on my rescue dual tp and it is as good a new. A new grip does wonders for a club. And a thanks to Brent Petersen for teaching me how to regrip a club this past summer.

Todd and I had a little Tennis match tonight and I came from behind to take the championship. We don't play tennis much but when we do we have some pretty awesome matches. Todd can really burn the serves and he manages to get them in now and again, I like to use spin but it gets me in trouble a lot. Our matches have a couple extra variables, we have to make sure not to take out Ella or Lana as they are cruising around on their bikes on the neighboring court, luckily no fatalities yet. Also Gina with little Lukey in the backpack played a few sets with us, I was pretty impressed myself.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Anyone need some clubs?

Here is my little collection of Taylormade clubs, they going up for sale on ebay this weekend. I would have posted them tonight but my camera gave up the ghost. We will be visiting costco tomorrow to pick up a new camera so I can move the inventory. Ella had fun catching my clubs with Her fishing pole, she caught a huge 36" 9 iron.
Brittney has the good old fashioned fall rhinovirus and is down and out. Ella and I made a run to the pharmacy to stock up on tylenol cold and sinus and robitussin, she will be better in no time with a little Noner juice (also know as noni). Off to play Supergirl with Ella.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bachelor days are over

Check out these beauties Todd and Gina found in their back yard. 3 of them.

Brittney and Ella are back, it is nice to have them around again. I have not been doing much lately just working on my golf swing and studying for exams and waiting for a bunch of clubs to show up. I bought the clubs from a bunch of idiots that must not know how to use the post office, a club should take 3 days not 3 weeks. Still waiting on two iron sets and a driver.

I played with the Taylormade rac TP muscle backs on Saturday and I loved them. I was planning on selling them but I not so sure anymore.

Ella and her princess cousins Megan and Heather.

At church last sunday they asked for the visitors to stand up and introduce themselves and the councelor conducting asked me to introduce myself, I thought he was kidding since I have lived here for 2 1/2 years, but he wasn't. A few of us got a good laugh.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Will I ever get enough?

Probably not. Balls, clubs, swinging, tees, greens, its a great sport. Todd and I were at it again today, recovering some the balls we hit out of his back yard of the past few months. The range is behind us and it is a jungle (note Todd's machete). We got all scraped up and waded through a river and I came up with 94 balls and Todd beat me out with 135. There are hundreds more out there but the jungle is just too thick. I replaced all 94 of my balls back to jungle, Todd saved most of his for another sunny day.

I have a problem on my hands, it is the weekend and I don't have an iron set to play golf. I sold my LT's, but I have 3 sets on the way, another set of Taylormade LT's, a set of Taylormade forged TP's and a set of Taylormade forged MB TP's. (I put an ebay ban on myself, there are so many good deals right now and it was starting to get out of hand) I've got a bunch of clubs right now, a few grand worth, I will post photos of them all and they will be up for sale.

What do I do when Brittney goes out of town, play lots of golf and buy lots of clubs. She is in Utah working around the clock to support my habbit, what a good wife. There is a chance a set of clubs will show up in the morning and I can get a round in, if not I'll study and ride my bike.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cow eyes and golf

I had some fun at school this week honing my foreign body removal skills on cow eyes, as well as stromal puncture and debridement. Here is a stromal puncture needle, it is used to puncture the cornea and make small scars to prevent recurrent corneal erosion. making scars to fix a problem, sounds strange but it works. Corneal epithelial debridement, basically it is a little dremel tool with a dental bit used to clean up loose epithelium after some kind of trauma or remove a rust ring from a metallic foreign body. My good friend Todd modeling the cow eye.

Golf took up the remainder of my time this week, 18 holes Friday at Green Briar par 3, new course record for me with a 68, and 18 holes Saturday at Highland Park. I was playing the best golf of my life Saturday until hole # 14 and I finished with bogey, double bogey, double bogey, bogey, and mustered up all the strength and focus I could and finished with a par. Where is the cart girl with a coke when you need it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I did it, the quest to break 80 came to an end today. I shot a 77 at Highland park golf course. After the round of golf I came home and studied for a couple of hours and went out to celebrate my 77 at Mountain view golf course with another 28 holes. I played a total of 46 holes of golf today, good day. I used the new RAC TP irons, I liked them but not any better than my LT2's so they will be going up for auction on ebay soon.

Brittney and Ella spent the day at sea world, I am starting to miss them. I will just have to play more golf to pass the time until they get back.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's a Girl

The big news of the week, we are having another girl. We are all very excited. Ella knew it all along she has been saying from the begining that she was going to get a baby sister. The best quote was from my mom, "I thought this was going to be our chance" she was refering to getting a boy grand baby (she is still very excited though), this will be girl number 6. I guess Her theory about bike riding and male sperm not surviving is correct, but I'm a golfer now?

Brittney and Ella flew to San diego this morning to go to Kirk's Marine boot camp graduation. After Cali they are headed to utah for a couple of weeks, I will miss them. Brittney reports she got a great deal on cereal and milk only $30. gotta love cali prices.

As for me I'm just plugging away at school, golfing, working on my golf course, being a golf club merchant, and an occasional bike ride. On thursday I get to practice removing foreign bodies from cow eyes, it should be sweet, I will try to get some photos. So when you get something lodged in your eye I will be trained and ready to save the day. The photo above is of some of my latest clubs, those are TaylorMade RAC TP forged irons with rifle flighted 6.0 shafts and lamkin torsion control grips. I am excited to try them out tommorrow on the course.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Boy or Girl? and shrunken high jacked brain

What is it going to be: a boy or a girl? We will find out tomorrow. To bad I have an exam during Brittney's appointment, she may hold the surprise for bargining material, good thing Ella will be there I can get the truth out of her.
Thanks to 20/20 we learned that pregnant folks have shrunken high jacked brains. up to 8% shrinkage and high jacked by hormones. That explains a lot.

I got a truck full of sod for $40 from my friend Kevin this weekend and extended my golf course a little I will post photos soon. Brittney was laughing at how dirty I got so she took a close up. I got 21 fire ant bites in the process and now carry steroid cream in my pocket.Ella and Lana taking a ride in their favorite rocket ship.We went on a hike this morning with the Page's (after they fed us a deluxe pancake, bacon and egg breakfast) before general conferance and threw some rocks into the river.
And here I am crawling out of the river, I am always the idiot trying to stand on the mossy rock in the middle of the river, Splash.