Saturday, December 25, 2010


Leavenworth is about an hour from Quincy. It's a swiss village with a serious christmas market. Helped get us in the christmas spirit.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010


To share or not to share...

The random info first.

-The kids like drinking out of the fancy margarita glasses, compliments of the furnished house. No margaritas of course.

-There's a train that traverses the mountain across from our home that we watch from the balcony.

-Dash loves having a room to himself and so do we.

-We've been locked out of the house twice. No neighbors or cell service. Had to trek down to the HOA in PJs with the kids to scrounge up a key.

-The kids went to the beach and dug for clams and now trade them like coins.

-Kate and Ella love going to the hot tub while it's snowing.

-I felt like I was in the testing center at the pharmacy: new phone numbers, new addresses, new insurances . . . at least birthdays are the same.

-We all have head colds that are pretty miserable.

Overall, I am depressed. Got a Christmas card from a good friend in Alabama. Made me miss my friends all over the country. Miss my sister having her baby this week. Miss my girls in Reno. Miss Gina and Todd and their cute kids.

I am overwhelmed with Ella's school. I was fully planning on homeschooling, but right now, we see and know no one. We have no neighbors. Any school co-op is going to be 45 minutes away. I think I may send her to first grade but I am bugged about it. I just can't get my stuff in order to do it myself right now.

I haven't exercised since we got here. It's freezing and harder to get motivated. I think I am going to have to sign up for another race or something so I have a goal to work towards. Plus endorphins make you happy. I need some endorphins.

On the happy note, we met Kyle's staff. They are lovely and we are lucky to have them. Kyle has been working like a mad man and we can't wait for Jan. 3. I'll try and get some pictures up soon.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

santa came early this year

cousins and buddies. t-hammer and dash-man.

Dash loves his cars! Which is just fine by Grandpa Dug!

Santa came to Thanksgiving Dinner. Even laid up with a pick line and serious infection, Grandma Anne still delivers.

Ella asked for a puppy and Kate asked for a kitty. Oh dear.

And because Katie-Kate couldn't resist, neither could I!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Swim lessons

How do you cope with moving away from somewhere you love?

Swim lessons!

I haven't really wanted to run after the marathon. So I am getting a head start on my 2011 resolution. Early morning swim instruction every day until we move out. 7 more days of bliss.

The marathon has made me rethink an ironman. If you are sick of running after a marathon, will you want to do anything after an ironman? Maybe the shorter events are the way to go . . .