Monday, January 18, 2010

while the parents are away . . .

Thanks for the pictures, reni! The kids are running amuck at my paren'ts house and I have a feeling I miss them a little more than they miss me :)! PS, isn't Dash a cutie?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moving Update

So, we are mid-move and excited about what this next adventure holds.

Here's an update:

The kids have said goodbye to all their friends and are officially living in Utah for a month or so. Saying goodbye to all their friends was painful. It is hard to leave such amazing people. Okay I am already starting to cry so moving on to a new subject . . .

We have a contract on the house and should close Jan 22! YEAH. We are so grateful and are hoping everything will go without a hitch.

Kyle is in bama packing like a madman and finishing last-minute house repairs. We miss him already.

I am leaving the kids in Utah for a bit while I return home to close the house and finish packing. Then Kyle and I are going to cross-country it and try to find a place to live in Nevada.

In 2008 we really felt strongly about moving to Demopolis. It went against the grain on a lot of levels but we have learned SO MUCH and made such AMAZING friends that we can see what a blessing it was to our lives.

After two years of searching and praying for the right thing, I can't describe how it feels to have things all come together and get a solid yes. We feel so loved and blessed.

Anyway, I thought you would like to see our branding concept tucked away for some future time. I love the tagline. It is our theme lately on many levels.