Sunday, May 29, 2011

parenting . . . sheesh

So, sometimes it's a challenge keeping my little family on track. Do you ever feel like that? I am starting to understand why mother's love routine and why sunday's are so hard. It's a day that breaks from routine!

So tonight i mustered every bit of my craftiness (for those who know me I am great with ideas and I'll bring the snack but PLEASE don't ask me to craft) and made a poster for my kids to hang in our kitchen. No cricket. No stickers. Just some markers and me.

For the past week we've had a little dinnertime ritual where I call out questions and the kids answer them.

It goes something like this:

Today ...

Who brushed their hair?
Brushed their teeth?
Made their bed?
Was kind to their family?
Ate a vegetable?
Did their homework?
Practiced the piano?
Exercised or played ou
Talked respectfully to Mom and Dad?
Smiled at someone?
Giggled at something silly? (Which they then proceed to tell us what was silly)
Chose to have a good attitude about something?
Used their brain to solve a tricky problem?
Read a book?
Said their prayers?
Read their scriptures?
Learned a new place on the map?
Learned a new word?

It may seem like a lot of questions but it goes by quickly and the kids love raising their hand and telling us about their day.

And it helps me keep things moving in a positive direction with all the whining going on.

Anyway, I am so proud of my little craft that I had to share. The kids get to pepper it with stars and when we get to 1,000 we are going somewhere fun.

So, what are your parenting tips for raising happy, problem-solving, grateful kids? Love to hear them.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

kit cat kate

no, kate did not get a cat. but her friend did. and her friend is willing to share :). did a child ever love animals more?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Maui 2011

Every now and then it's time for a LOVE trip.

Kyle and I decided it was time to celebrate graduating from optometry school (YEARS LATER), celebrate our 10th anniversary, and celebrate the opening of Gillespie Eye Care.

Maui was amazing. Grandma Anne was amazing (more pix of the home front soon). Vacations are amazing. It's amazing how much stuff you can do in one day with no kids in tow.

The Solomon's own their own optometry practice in Georgia. It was great to hang out with such awesome friends and we are already looking forward to the next gathering! (Maybe in Vermont!)

Pictures as follows:
1. The love of my life
2. Getting some sun
3. Posing in our robes
4. Room service! Coconut french toast. Yum!
5. Snorkeling in XXL kid's wetsuit. Can't. Breathe!
6. Eating out like iron chef america
7. Watching Kyle get washed away by the ocean
8. Watching Kyle pose for Hawaiian Tropic calendar
9. Freedom! Beauty! Vacation!
10. The beach in front of our hotel
11. Great times with great friends!