Monday, April 30, 2012

Are all kids hippies like mine?

 There's something about having the kids play outside that makes me feel like a good mother. Bikes, sandbox, forts, the works...

 Kate is usually waiting by my bed at 6:30 am so she can tell me her plans for the day, which typically include catching frogs. At least for now I would prefer a frog over a dog or a cat. 

Lucky for me, the amazing Susan L. adopted a cat so we didn't have to. I am all about friends with pets. I imagine it's like having grandkids. Love 'em to pieces and send them home with their parents!

It's funny how there are things the wind and dirt can teach your kids that they probably won't learn anywhere else. Something about what it's like to create, to love, to be free . . .

Raising kids is holy work. Glad we signed up for the job.

How to judge a friend

Hmmm. I don't know what to say about this girl so instead I will tell you how I feel when I am around her.

1. Inspired 
2. Motivated
3. Grateful
4. Happy
5. Content
6. Full of Joy

Courtney left her family to come visit us last weekend and run the Wenatchee 1/2 marathon. Although she had her race to think about, somehow she still managed to do my laundry and bake us orange rolls. 

We ate some dang yummy food and laid low with our two new babies.

We laughed and then she organized my dysfunctional kitchen.

All I can say is there are friends and then there are friends. 

Courtney is one of those friends for me. Someone you trust enough to lay your dirt out in front of them and say, "Okay, here it is. Tell me the truth about this situation and what I should do to fix it." She is smart. She is real. And I am one lucky girl to have her in my life.

Thanks, Court, for the awesome visit. Baby and I felt totally spoiled and we are looking to return the favor soon.

Baby Ashley's Blessing

This picture of us all on the couch is a true representation of our time at church lately. Kyle did a great job and Baby Ash's blessing was very sweet.