Friday, January 21, 2011

Random January Update

We have been playing a lot of hide-n-seek lately. A Lot. It is amazing how many hiding places there are in our tiny house.

Ella, Kate and Dash have a new cousin! Her name is shelby. Every day, and I mean every single day, Ella asks me for a dog and Kate asks me for a puppy. For now they have to live vicariously through Grandma Anne's pets.

I wish I could capture how beautiful the river is. I want to swim across and back this summer so I have been training at the local pool. I love swimming. I can't wait to become a great swimmer.

And my sweet little first grader. We have to leave for school at 7:30 but she gets up early and is ready to go. I am grateful to have such a friendly, adaptable kid. I have also been really happy with her school. It is only kindergarten and first grade. I like that they keep the little kids separate from the older ones.

bottle feeding cows

Our friends have 20 cows and invited us over to feed the baby calves with a bottle. As you can imagine they were thrilled. We rode four wheelers and Kate rolled in the "mud." They also had a dog named Katie, which Kate loved as well. There's something about the outdoors, animals, and lots of dirt that makes kids about as happy as they will ever be.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

The new

The new is awesome. I especially thought this link was simple and informative for someone wondering about the basics of how the church is organized, etc. I think I even learned something new.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Ella's Fabulous Fashions

Ella has been dreaming up a company since we lived in Alabama. Ella's Fabulous Fashions.

"We will have beautiful clothes for young people and old people, small people and big people. Everyone will be welcome in my store." --Ella

Both of her grandmothers are crazy seamstresses. Hopefully she inherited their genes because the sewing games are about to begin.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Walking the tightrope made this and I loved it. If the girl were blond I would buy ten of them.

Kind of feel like we've been walking a tightrope lately. Trying to stay focused on goals and not freak out at all the changes.

A friend reminded me it takes about 3 months after a move to start feeling comfortable. Looking back at Bama and Reno I would have to agree.

Anyway, took some pictures of the new stomping grounds. The first is our view as we run/bike up the canyon. Come summer I am going to swim across and back that dang river.

The second is a picture of our townhouse under the cliffs. Thank goodness the month-long blizzard is over and the snow is melting.