Sunday, August 20, 2006

5th anniversary omen

I've been a posting slacker lately but have been having a good time.

I will start with the anniversary get a way. It all started out at wasatch mountain state park golf course where we got rained out on the seventh hole, Brittney was excited she didn't have to pull the flag stick for me anymore.

After golf we were planning on going to a restaurant that had been recommended to us by many people it is called snake creek grill, but just our luck it is not open on Monday or Tuesday. We did however eat at the inn on the creek and it was great.

We were staying at a nice bed and breakfast and turned off the lights at about 11:00 and were going to sleep when we hear all these noises, we thought someone might be spying on us or something, so I turned on the lamp and right there on the night stand was a mouse chomping away on our chocolate mint. It was a cute mouse, I tried to catch him but he ran under the bed and was not to be found so we packed up and drove home. Provo canyon was closed for night time construction so we had to take the dirt road over to cascade springs and connect to the alpine loop road which took about an extra hour.

We hope our botched anniversary trip is not an omen of the next five years. At least we laughed a lot.

I have been golfing a lot, I got my first Eagle on Saturday on the 6th hole of cascades mountain course, and I had an eagle putt of the 2nd hole as well but missed it and came away with a birdie. Doug liked my TaylorMade R5 driver so much that he bought it from me and I bought a TaylorMade R7 425 with Aldila NV shaft, it should be here Tuesday, just in time for our round at Thanksgiving Point.

I rode with my dad and Bryan up squaw peak and got dropped at the saddle by Bryan. Too much golf not enough biking. I miss long climbs like that living in Alabama.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Utah is nice

I've been golfing about every other day, bike riding, eating good food, enjoying canyons, weather, and thin air. Utah is a really nice place, I never want to leave.

Grandma Anne found some snakes in her yard for Ella to play with, she loved them.

Doug and I played in a golf tournament at the Alpine country club today. It was a 4 man scramble we shot a 69. Great course.

Brittney and I are celebrating our 5th annivesry tomorrow. We are going to play golf at Wasatch Mountain State park and stay at a bed and breakfast in Midway. Should be fun.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Golfing with Frank

I have been golfing with my grandpa Frank the past two days at hobble creek. Frank is 80 and he shot a 90 today, he is pretty awesome. I shot an 86 today and a 40 on nine yesterday. If I could putt worth a darn I would be under 80 no problem. I'm going to the practice green tomorrow to get ready for my round on Saturday.

here are some more photos from Miller motorsports park.

Doug ripping the corner.

Some of doug's competition, a fast loud Ferarri.Ella loved the purple bracelet and riding in grandpa's race car.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ford GT Supercar

Yesterday was open track race day at the Miller motorsports park. I rode up with Doug in the Ford GT and watched him bust out some laps among Ferrari's, Porches and other race cars. Doug was working everyone up there except a couple of professional racers that had driven the track thousands of times. His GT rocks. Doug was pushing it hard and went off the track and spun a few times, luckily no damage and he got right back into the action. Doug getting ready to blow by the porche.

After the races I went golfing at sleepy ridge with my dad, Bart, and Bryan on the front nine and Doug and Jake on the back nine. It was a good time but the playing conditions are way different here than in Alabama so it will take some getting used too

Utah is as I remember it, the sweetest place around. I have been on a couple of bike rides with my dad and Bryan up south fork and they have put the hurt on me but I was able to hang on. We also watched the finish of stage one of the Tour of Utah on Monday. I am looking forward to watching Saturdays stage, 12000+ feet of climbing around the alpine loop and finishing at Snowbird, it will be a suffer fest.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It is confirmed, I am crazy.

Who in there right mind, in the middle of the day packs up a courier bag with some pants and shoes, jumps on their bike rides 20 minutes to the local golf course, put the pants and shoes on, stashes their bike in the woods and hikes around in the Alabama woods (also known as spider infested jungle), and collects lost golf balls? Only crazy folks.

Also, who in there right mind leaves Utah to go to professional school (self inflicted pain, torture, and torment) in Alabama. Only crazy folks.

National Board exam is complete. Hardest most stressful test I have ever taken. Hope I passed. Heading to Utah tomorrow for a month of R&R.

The golf ball hunting was successful though, I bagged about 210 balls all from one 500 yard hole. It was not easy though. It was about 95 degrees and I had to hike up this super steep hill through the jungle and spiders to get to the course. I narrowly missed being spotted by a couple of red neck golfers. I filled my courier bag until I could not lift it any more and it would not close. I also ran out of water and about died, especially on the ride home. Water never tasted so good in all my life. I had to stash the bag and go back with the car. The lengths I go for a stupid golf ball (white gold). It is confirmed, I am crazy.