Thursday, May 30, 2013

Every man needs a tractor, or so I'm told

For months Kyle has been talking about a tractor. (He needs one. He wants one. It is tax-deductible.)

He even asked for one for his birthday. His mom is a very smart lady and got him a toy tractor. He liked it but kept asking for his real one. Over dinner all he could talk about was a tractor. And then the next morning. And then over lunch . . .

I told him heck no, forget about it, maybe in awhile, maybe after our kitchen was remodeled . . . you get the idea.

Then after our five billionth "discussion" on the  matter he went to work and I went to get the kids from school.

All I could think about was "Will the kids remember my fancy kitchen or will they remember having a bike track around our house?"

Jeez, moms are always taking one for the team.

So I pulled into John Deere and told the guy I'd buy it right then if he would drive it to my house.
And so he did. And so I did.

Luckily I bought the right one. Kyle was very surprised. And happy. And ecstatic.

All weekend he kept sending me texts like, "My life is complete."

I will keep you updated on the progress of his master plan. There is a small mountain of bushes and trees outside my house from using his new toy all weekend.

Happy Birthday, Kyle. I probably won't top this one for awhile. Love you tons!

Home stretch of the bike track

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