Monday, June 25, 2007

sippy cup throw down

I figure we either set boundaries now or we battle it out in the teens. Ella's been testing the will of her mother lately, and it's a hard battle to win. She doesn't care about much . . . not her toys, not food, not treats, not movies . . . but one thing she cares about is the sacred sippy cup (and Evan, i guess, but that's another story.) Milk, warm, 3 times a day and once before bed. I know, warm milk . . . yuck, but for her, it's paradise.
So we had ourselves a little sippy cup throw down. After a couple of warnings, I cut the sippy up while she threw a world war II kind of tantrum. As they say, it hurt me more than her, but it was time to draw the line in the sand. Anyway, it seemed to get us back on track and we've been having an awesome summer at the pool and with the posse. Ella even got her first eye exam today, and as she said "Mom, Dad's a doctor just like me!"

Kate's doing awesome. Always smiling, easy going, and in training for some early crawling.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Life back on the bike is great

I forgot what I have been missing for the past two years not commuting on my bike. My ride is about 45 minutes each way, it has two little climbs 4-5 minutes, plenty of ghetto, back roads and some downtown B'ham car dodging. I am going to start taking my camera because I seem to run across all kinds of strange stuff. It has come with an increased appetite, 9:00 bed time, and sense that I am contributing too a healthy lifestyle once again.

Ella had fun last week at her friends birthday party, It was a make over at a place caller Miss Priss, they went to town on the make up and accessories and walked around on the run way. Brittney asked her if it was fun and she said, " No, it was Awesome!" She is starting a little young and I am thinking I will be in for some big trouble, but I guess she will look good on the bike and at the course.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Getting back to my roots

I have recovered from the the traveling nightmare and feel well enough to write again. I am permanently scared and the airlines are on my x list.

I started commuting to school on my bike again. I made the 25 mile round trip yesterday and couldn't be happier. Suffering through the 100 degree temps and not being able to drink out of my own hose because of the grade 3 drought restrictions without a $200 fine is kind of refreshing.

Anyone need a sweet Volvo 960 wagon?, I am putting it up for sale, I will consider trade for a burly or bob trailer, I will need away to get my clubs to the course.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Top 10 Reasons . . .

Our luck has got to change soon. Here’s our top 10 recap from this week’s adventures.

10. Waiting in line for three hours after flight to SLC was cancelled; going home and starting all over again the next day. (Thanks, John! for hanging in the cell phone parking lot)

9. Typical two-hour flight from SLC to Dallas turned seven-hour nightmare.

8. Ella puking up curdled milk all over her seat and the lady behind us.

7. Crew unable to open door after 7 hour nightmare on plane; sitting on tarmac for another ½ hour.

6. Ten o’clock at night, no luggage, no flights out of Dallas, and all hotels sold out--from three stars on up.

5. Trying to figure out what to do with two kids and no car seats. (Thanks, Matt! You saved the day)

4. Arriving back at Dallas airport the next night to discover agent neglected to rebook Kyle and Ella on same flight.

3. Unable to retrieve luggage in Birmingham. Baggage Agent’s brother was shot; she left the airport with the only key to American Airlines baggage room.

2. Getting ready to take the kids for a swim and realizing front tire on van is flat as a pancake. (I may be a mechanic’s daughter, but I'm no match for a jack and spare)

2. Volvo dying multiple times on kyle’s commute home from school; AC fan breaks in car.

1. Air conditioning unit blowing up in house upon arrival in Alabama. No freakin joke. Temp was 101 degrees today. Price of repair: $1500.

Kyle swears he’ll never fly again. On a brighter note, here's some pix from the trip.

Disgused to get by TSA . . .