Monday, July 31, 2006

Super Nerd 3000

Her is a photo of some of the study material I have used to prepare for the national board exam. I read all those books and the black one twice. I should be ready for the exam.

Tomorrow is the big day. I am pretty excited to get it over with. I am really sick of studying, it is all I have been doing for the last 3 weeks. I am a super nerd. I did go for a little bike ride this morning which was refreshing, and I hit a bunch of golf balls during study breaks.

There are some pretty dumb rules about the test. #1 dumb rule, no food during the exam, have you ever taken a 4 hour exam without eating? It is like doing a 4 hour ride with no food. and there are 3 legs of 4 hours. #2 dumb rule, only clear liquids and only a certain water bottle can be used. My performance enhancing drink of choice is Coke, I am going to have to settle with sprite. I could not find a caffienated beverage that is clear. I even bought red bull but it is yellow.

Pray for me and wish me luck.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Black widows, scorpions, and dopping

This is the 5th black widow have found around our house in the past week. The terminix guy came Wednesday and I found this huge one on the back porch, dead luckily. The terminix guy usually comes every 3 months but it had been about 6 months since his last visit and the spiders were starting to take over.

I forgot to mention the scorpion that I accidentally pick up off the kitchen floor the other morning. I walked in to the kitchen and saw something on the floor that I thought was a piece of beef jerkey that I was eating the day before and was going to throw it away. In my defense, I have been sleeping with some ointment in my eyes lately and when I wake up my vision is a little blurry. So I pick up the scorpion and it takes me about 1 second to figure out it is not beef jerky, by some miracle it did not sting me. Thats #3 we have found in the house since we have moved here. Alabama, got to love it.

Brittney and Ella are in Utah now and I will be there next week after the board exam. I have still been studying like mad and am getting really sick of it. I am going golfing this afternoon because I need abig time break from studying.

You have all heard about the Floyd dopping scandal but have you heard that they are going to start doing dopping test on the PGA tour. No joke, I just read about it the other day. It will be quite the scandal if we find out that Tiger is all roided up. It will no longer be the game of gentlemen.

The dopping in cycling are pretty much the reason I am not racing anymore, I figured that in a couple of years when I won the world championship that I wouldn't be able to pass the drug tests, so I thought I would same myself the embarrassment and pick up golf instead. I do not know what I am going to do now though, I guess I can't join the pga tour either. I guess I will just stick to being an eye doctor but it is not the drug tests I have to worry about it is the national boards next week. If I can't pass the boards then I will just have to go to my back up, back up, back up plan, golf ball dredging.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Back yard Bunker

Here is my back yard bunker

The green is on top of hill in the back yard. The green is not fully functional yet but it is getting there. Brittney freaked when she saw the green was 5 shades darker than the rest of our lawn, I have been secretly fertilizing and watering it for weeks.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Total commitment

Since I took some photos of Brittney while she was sleeping, she thought she would take some of me sleeping. It is going to take total commitment to break 80, that is about all I have to say about this. and there are two types of players, those who control their nerves and win championships and those who don't.Ella really loves the pool

And being crazy.

No studying today. I watched the British open, checked the tour updates on (yeah Floyd), went for a bike ride, swam with the family, worked on my golf practice facility (photos coming soon), and had an all around pretty boring Saturday. Except for the crazy storm we had that picked up my driving range net and through it across the back yard.

New club of the week, TaylorMade rescue mid 2 hybrid. From what I can tell it is going to be my new secret weapon. I sold my R7 fairway wood because I can't hit fairway woods worth a darn, this should take its place nicely. My perfect club aresonal is almost complete.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Can a man live on burritos alone?

All I have eaten for the past 3 days are burrittos. Monday lunch and dinner, Tuesday lunch and dinner, Wednesday dinner. Is this healthy? Funny thing is I never get sick of the good old black bean and cheese burrito.

Ella loved me so much today she would not let me put her down to study so she slept on my shoulder while I studied. The funny girl went to bed last night at 4:00 pm and woke up at midnight ready to play, and would not go back to bed. I took the 12 - 2 shift, Brit took the 2-4 shift. She almost messed up my golf game this morning but thank goodnes for Coke and Excedrin, trusty caffeine saves the day again.

I played pretty good golf considering I was really tired and the temp was hovering around 100 degress. I shot an 82. I will break 80 before the summer is over.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sleeping Beauty

Have you ever met anyone who can sleep 20 hours a day and still be tired? Well you should meet my sleeping beauty. Brittney has been getting a lot of shut eye the past couple of weeks. Is she depressed you ask? so sick of Alabama that she slipped into a deep abyss?.....
Well not exactly, I am exited to say that Ella is going to be a Big Sister. Thats right some time at the end of February. Brit has been really sick, you know it is serious when she can't even eat mexican food.

The few hours each day she is not sleeping she some how is getting her work done, and going to a lot of parties with Ella.

I'm putting in my bunker tomorrow. The missionaries asked if i was getting all my golf in before the baby comes. No i said. Well, are you going to bike less? No i said. Are you in denial, they said? nope. You boys believe in miracles right?

I'm planning on ella being extra help -- she's up at night for some reason or another at night anyway, why not lend a hand with the new baby? Anyway, i'm still working on my game plan. I'll let you know how it unfolds.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I went out for a bike ride this morning at around 9:00 and about melted the temp was hovering around 100. I actual hooked up with another rider, an older guy about 55 or so and we rode together for an hour. I rarely see other riders and it is nice to ride with someone once in a while. I think that is why I picked up golf, I was so board riding the same roads all alone.
Ella is a cut kid. She likes to say wal-fart and go there to see the fishies. She is learning her alphabet, loves to play sports, like soccer, golf, badmitten, and catch and she is riding her tricycle now. I have hopes that we will be on the tour together one day, pga tour that is not tour de france. You know I could be her caddie and brit could be water girl.

This is the frog that lives in the bush next to the garage, he is cool.

I am building a golf practice facility in my yard, including putting green, chipping area, sand trap and driving range. I've got to keep my skill sharp so I can break 80. I will post some photos as things progress. It is going to be awesome.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


The numbers say it all. I went golfing in this insane inferno and shot an 81. So close to breaking 80 so close.
I have been studying for 12 hours a day for the past couple of days and needed a break today back to the books tomorrow though.
I bought a new jeep. It digs

I got a couple of new clubs, a TaylorMade r7 st 3 fairway wood, it is awesome, I am selling it on ebay, also a Taylormade R5 driver draw bias with Aldila shaft not selling it but I have an R5 neutral bias on ebay for sale.

Also for sale is this sweet Yamaha piano.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Posting Slacker

So I have been a posting slacker for the last few weeks. I haven't had much exciting stuff to write. I have been in the clinic seeing patients and nothing much happens there except some refractions and dilated fundus exams. The occasional fight will break out in the lobby like I wrote about a few weeks ago. I got the DL on the fight, the two women were pregnant by the same guy. I do not need to watch Jerry Springer, I just have to go to work.

I am done with clinic now and have about 3 weeks until national boards. I will be studying all day for the next 3 weeks with a round of golf and bike ride here and there. I also have review classes at my school every night from 5-9 for the next week.
Driving RangePitching greenSome grow flowers, I grow golf balls.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Looking for a new sport? ketchup anyone?

I played bad golf today, I think I will take up this sweet new sport. All you can eat hot dogs. 54 dogs in 12 minutes, I have not even eaten 54 hot dogs in my life so I have some training to do.